Friday, February 27, 2009

Nashville trip

Nashville trip pictures

Oh how I love my Nashville!

Holy Cow!! I am bad at this whole blogging thing! Last night I was "harassed" becasue of my lack of blogging!! I was going to write a blog about how Brysen is mean to me... and he said I could, but instead i've decided to tell ya'll about my latest trip back to Nashville! I've been home from the Mish 6 months now, And holy cow it has gone by so fast! One of my former companions Angie (Sister Arnell) Met someone from TN, and was getting married February 14th. So Brooke (Sis nelson), and Jaclyne (Sis Mathis) and I thought that it would be fun to go back to TN and visit around the same time that Angie was getting married, we wanted to support her,and be her friends! And it was a very good excuse to go back and visit! So we found a good deal on plane tickets and off we went!!
We left EARLY Thursday morning ( feb 12th) and got to Nashville around 12:00. As soon as i stepped off the plane I was instantly happy!! It was nice and sunny, around 60-70 degrees,I even liked the humidity! After we got the rental car we went straight to lunch! We were startving and went to one of my favorite BBQ places in TN, "Whitts" I love southern BBQ!! And I have missed the food, and I was sooo happy to hear all the sounthern accents, and of course people in the south are so friendly so we made instant friends with the cashier at Whitts. The rest of thursday we went to Nashville and visited "opry Mills" ( a mall) we got to see the Gibson guitar store and see all the fancy expensive guitars, and you could even wacth how they made them. We also went to the Opryland Hotel it was gorgeous! It has an indoor river with boat rides, and you feel like your in a jungle, it has waterfalls, fountains fancy bridges, its HUGE! We had alot of fun walking around, and since we were there in february and mid-day it wasn't busy at all! We even walked on the "Gone with the Wind" staircase. After some sight seeing in Nashville we headed for Dickson. Dickson was my last area and I served there for 7 1/2 montns so it felt like going home! We didn't tell very many people that we were coming because we were short on time, so we stopped by at our old house, and saw the Carlsons (love them) and we ate dinner with Rose (a convert) and her 2 boys. They chose Burger King! Then we stooped by and visited "Grandpa and Grandma North" they were in the Dickson ward, and also served as missionaries in the office. After our visits we headed back to our hotel in Madison. Our hotel was pretty ghetto, but not too bad! We played a little before bed..mainly because Brooke and I wanted to sleep bu Jaclyne said we were "nerds" or somethign like that. So we ate popcorn and had ice-cream and watched some random chic-flick on cable.
Friday morning we went to the "Belle Meade Plantaion" it was super cool, we got private tour of the mansion, and heard allt eh cool history. Its neat to hear about the lifestyles in the South before and after the civil war. Also Friday we went to The "Country Music Hall of Fame" I don't even like country music, but it was pretty cool, we also got to go tour an old recoring studio where Elvis used to record, and I got to touch a famous piano. Good times!! Friday night we went met Angie (the bride to be) at "Hard Rock Cafe" and we ate dinner. Then we went out in downtown Nashville, and walked the "strip". We went to a bar and sang karaoke! ( We sang some Shania Twain song) Then we basically just walked along the bars, and heard the music, it was way fun!!
Ok so saturday... was the busiest day if all! Saturday morning we woke up at like 5:00 am and Drove and drove adn hour to Clarksville TN, and we met the "Sisters" for breakfast! (We got permission from the mission president) Sister Brooke and I got to visit our "greenie" Sister Smith who comes home soon in may. And Jaclyne got to visit her greenie Sister Day, and I also got to see my last Greenie Sister Nielson. We had so much fun, I miss those sisters soooo much, they were all doing so good! After Breakfast we went straight to the Nashville Temple for the sealing around 9:30. I got to see my Mission President (I had him for 3 weeks)Pres Hutchings and Sister Hutchings, and i asked if we could stop by at Zone Conference and see my other greenie sister Williams and he said yes...but somehow I agreed to sing at Zone Conferece with Jaclyne and Brooke. OOPs! So the sealing was wonderful, Angie was so happy and looked beautiful! After the sealing we went to the Smyphany hall in Nashville and had a tour....It was really cool, the tour guide scared me! She was a bit uptight, but the building was amazing! After that we went to the "Carton Plantation" which has some really cool "Civil War" history, the mansion was used as a make shift hospital when the area broke out in battle. I love learning about all that sister JME is a CIVIL WAR FANATIC.... so she was jealous! Then we went to Zone Conference and sang and I got to see One of my greenies Sister Williams when we walked in and she saw me..she cried! it was a happy moment, I love her! And we got to see a few other missionaries that we love. I am a dork... but i LOVED going back to Zone Conference, it made me happy! But the mission has changed quite a bit with the hew mission pres. So after ZC we went ot Angies Reception, and her family asked us to "decorate" the car. I say decorate because we did, we didn't want to trash it, so we did it all cute,with cookies and frosting and shaveing cream. We were pretty proud of our "finsished product" The reception was nice because we got to see a few memebers and a few missionaries. And I even caught the Bouquet of flowers... the 2nd one i've caught in a 3 month period..nut that means nothingmi just like flowers, and i can't helpit if the bouquet alkways comes flying at me,what am i supposed to do let it hit me??
After the reception we had dinner at Macaroni Grill in Murfreesboro and met up with the morris family ( Brooke and I taught them) We waited forever for dinner since it was Valentines day, but it was good!! We were all so tired! Seriously like each noght we averaged like 4 hours a sleep..except Brooke who got less becasue she couldn't sleep very well in the hotel. Ok so after dinner we went adn Visited a member Rita and her new husband, and then we saw one of our converts, Marssa manning who is one of my FAVORITE people inthe world! So that ended a good day!
Then Sunday morning at 6 am we left Nashville and came back to COLD UT!
I Miss the South already!! But love being home too!! I got the Best of Both Worlds!