Wednesday, July 15, 2009

High School Musical Marathon..and other updates!!

My roommates and I and some friends from the ward had a "high school Musical marathon" last week... full of home made shirts, dancing, and pictures at East high. You your jealous..don't make fun!! Some guys in our ward mentioned that they had never seen the movies, so they were good sports adn agreed to watch them all with us!! We watched all 3, in a 3 day period. My roommates and I thought we were hilarious and made shirts and surprised everyone. We had way too much fun. But the guys loved them..they think we are funny! We had about 8 people over, and it was so much fun to watch it with a bunch 0f 23-24 yr olds, we made fun of it alot but we also danced and sang along! oh we walked down the street to east high and took some picturesjust because we could!! Anyways Salt Lake has been great, i love my new ward the people are so nice and the area is great, we have alot of new friends that live nearby so we do lots of fun stuff..we are currently planning a ninja turtle movie marathon!! Yay! Lets see what else can i update on...... i've kept myself busy, i have been volenteering at the homeless shelter and we play adn read with the kids there, its really a neat experience and i have alot of fun. Also i have been shadowing an Occupational therapist, and i love it, im getting in my hours so i can apply to the program. Anyways thats my update for now!! Love ya all!!