Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween costume.

So I haven't dressed up the last few Halloweens.( Last year i was on the mish, so i put on normal clothes and that was my costume) So this year I am excited beccause I can be whatever I want! I was trying to be creative, and cheap and somehow I thought I would be "Wendy" ya know from the fast food place. Wendy and I have a lot in common, we both have red hair, freckles, were short, and we both love frosties and hamburgers. So last week my mom and I stopped into the DI to look for used DVD's, i decided to look in the dress section to see if i could find a blue striped dress. My mom helped me look and after 10 seconds of looking she handed me this blue striped dress,We looked at it and just laughed! I swear it is wendys exact dress! I didn't even try it on, I just bought it! So today i decided to try it on, so here it is. i can't decide if i like it or not. But i think i look a lot like Wendy in it!

Hiking adventure!

So I woke up this morning with a strong desire to go hiking...weird for me I know, I usually hate any sort of exercise! I decided that it probably wasn't safe for me to go alone, you always hear those stories about young girls missing while hiking alone.Or I would probably get bored because i'd have no one to talk to. ( or after reading Ben's blog about midgets I had visions of little men, and woman jumping out of bushes and dragging me into the forrest where they could break open my head with large suckers.) So as soon as the kids got home from school, I informed them that they were going hiking with me if they wanted to or not. Mikey is the only one who absolutely refused to go,( he's much bigger than me, and stronger, so I couldn't force him) but my Dad, Mariah, Ana and Mikayla all agreed to come. So we hiked up the Indian Trail in the Ogden Canyon, we went around 4,so the weather was perfect. Most of the leaves had alreadty fallen, but we were still left with some bright yellow leaves. It was gorgeous!! I just love the fall, the way it smells, the way it looks, the weather and everything else about it! It was a lot of fun. Mikayla seemed to enjoy it the most. she literally "Ran" up the mountain, she loved to run ahead then find a perfect picture spot then would pose and yell for me to take a picture. So I have a million pictures of her, holding sticks, sitting on rocks, touching the stream ect. Mariah also entertained herself by looking for "fossils" she would stop and pick up every rock to check to see if it was special in any way. She did find rock with a fossilized leaf in it. It was big so she threw it against a rock untill it broke off. She carried around the whole time, and she still has it. Ana was not as happy to hike as the rest of us. she complained I think about 91% of the time. she got really bugged when mikayla started singing " Pioneer Children Sang as they walked" You all know that goes on forever and ever! Mikayla thought she was pretty funny but Ana did not. My Dad came and that was a lot of fun. He kept telling us history about the trail and of course added a few jokes, and told ana that the Russian Indians walked this very trail.. ana beleived him at first. :) We also played a joke on Mariah and told her that there was a bug on her shoulder, much to my surprise she "flipped" out and after we told her we were joking she almost burst into tears and wouldn't talk to me for like 3 mintutes! Poor Riah! Ok moving on.. all in all it was a very nice hike. No one fell, no one got lost, and we took some prtty good pictures to document it all. I enjoyed hiking i think the most. I have missed our mountains here, and I have missed Utah weather! I think i'll go on another hike soon, probably waterfall canyon I love that one!