Tuesday, November 25, 2008

23 things I've learned in 23 Years!

1. Red heads are extremely smart!
2. "feministic" is not a real word.
3. If you don't know the words to a song, its ok you can just make up new ones!
4. Some friends really are forever!!But be careful because then they have lots of embarassing stories to tell.
5. Don't wipe wet super glue with your hand..and then catch a rag with your super glue hand, the rag might get stuck, and not come off!
6. If you want to talk bad about someone its ok, just make sure you end it by saying "bless her heart"
7. Little dogs are the meanest..especially when you're wearing a skirt.
8. Don't drink "apple cider" from strangers then try to ride your bike.
9. Your family members really are your best friends!
10.The church REALLY is true!
11. Ed Zepplin is not a band .. its Led Zeppelin.
12. Parasites will come out of your stomach if you put a bowl of ice cream in front of your mouth and open it wide. The parasite will crawl out!
13. The parable of the Widow's mite -- not about bugs
14. Popcorn tastes really good with melted frosting on it!
15. Everything tastes better with ranch or mayo on it.
16. Great things DO come in small packages.
17. Pig brains and scrambled eggs are not a good combination.
18. Egging isn't always what you think it is.
19. Its never too late or too early to go to Walmart!
20. Six-thirty in the morning is too early unless you have super powers!
21. Little sisters aren't always going to stay so little.
22. If you play pranks on your mom, she'll get you back worse!
23. Time goes by way too fast, so enjoy it!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My weekly blog

So I have been really bad at updating this blog. So I thought i'd make something up and start writing. So here are some highlights of my week. Today I ate a tuna pita, and strawberry gummies. Yum! and it was free drink friday at work....fridays my new favorite day. Umm....On monday I woke u at 6:20 am and stood in line at the institute bulding to get tickets for Pres. Packer. I was soo tired,i felt like I was sleep walking. But we made friends in line, and i even made a few good jokes. And we got tickets for row K. Also this week I went to an occupational therapist session and the University of Utah. The session explain OT (occupation therapy) and how to get in ect. I feel really good about this. Finally i feel like i have a direction to go. I will continue to go to Weber and get my bachelors in Early Childhood education, and then apply to the occupational therapy program ( which i can do my senoir year) So hooray! But i have a lot og work to do,and about 6 more years left of school. (big sigh)
Well im tired adn thats all the exciting news from this week! Love ya!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I love to take pictures!! Especially of myself :)
Anyways here are some random pictures from this past week!
I love my siblings soooo much, I love being home with them!! They're my best friends!So i'll explain some of them the first 2 are of me and mikey, we had a sleepover the other night! Then yesterday i was trying to finish a paper for school, adn Mariah wanted to play, so to get my attention, she took my tabs and wrote "I love you, Haley" and put them on her forehead! She's so funny!! Then last but not least is ana, I have no idea where she got the costume from, but she had fun dancing around in it!

Halloween fun

Halloween morning I woke up and carved pumpkins with the kids. We had a ton of fun! We only had 4, and their were 5 of us so ana and I shared. She was scared to carve them cause she didn't want to mess it up, so she just helped everyone else scoop the seeds out. Mariah and Mikayle were so excited that I let them use their own knives, I think they both picked teh biggest ones. I'm not gonna lie, they scared me a few times. Micheal got all clever and found a box cutting knife, he thought It worked pretty well, and he got done the fastest! I thought our pumkins turned out pretty good, nothing too fancy!
After pumpkins I went to work, it was a normal day, not too busy though. I got off around 7, and went home to change and met Andy is SLC, we went to dinner then am institiute dance it was fun. We went as Masquerade people, so I wore a poofy old prom dress, and we had cool masks. Good times! ( I'm not turning this into a dating blog so, thats all the details ya get)