Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday wonton!!

Out newest family picture!! Bolwing at fat cats!!

Mikay and mommy!!
Me and my wonton, and one of her many silly faces!
Mikay at her b-day party!! Happy 14th!!

Ill try to make this short...... cause pictures seem to speak louder than words!! But as i've been thinking about Mikayla on her b-day today, i have just felt so blessed to have such an awesome little sister, and i am grateful to have her in my life. YEARS ago, when we had 7 kids everyone always thought we were done, because 7 seems like a handful, but i always felt like we were missing someone, and it turns out that many of our family members felt that way, someone was missing. I'll never forget the day i met my little "wonton" she was five years old, and came to us from florida. As soon as she got off the plane, i started crying, i felt like i had seen her before. My whole family was crying, we found her!! And the rest is history, we were sealed to mikay a few years later, and time has flown by, i can't even remember life without her!! She is one of my best friends, we are differant but we balance each other out. i could chill with her all day!! I have alot of fun memories about her, when she was like 5 years old she was obsessed with the movie "stuart little" she watched it like a million times a day, and she would talk in her "stuart little voice" it was a high annoying voice, but cute nevertheless. i will never forget watching her play soccer fot he first time, she fell alot at first but pretty soon everyone was gathering to watch her, she was amazing for a 5 year old!! And of course i will never forget when she was about 6 or 7 and i found her with a pile of things that did not belong ot her, she informed me that they belonged to her because they "were made in china" and she was too!! So i made her a shirt that said "made in China" and she wore it for years!! One day i started calling her my little wonton and it has stuck, she was even amazed later to find out that wontons were things in soup, she thought i had made up the word!!
I just love this girl!! Happy Birthdya mikayla!!! Love ya forever and ever!!!


Sierra said...

I can't believe how old she is! I remember how small she was when you first got her... wow, time flies! Happy Birthday Won :-)

LiNdSaY said...

I can't remember life without Mikay! Ok, I can - but I don't wanna!

Brooke said...

YAY Mikayla!!! 14 is such a fun age!

Bean said...

Hooray for Mikay and Hooray for your excellent spelling abilities. I love BOLWING too! How come I wasn't invited BOLWING Haley. You are rude and have hurt my heart.