Saturday, May 9, 2009

Moving on up...

Yay!! Today I am offically moving back to SLC, i am very excited but at teh same time sad to be leavign home. I have loved being home these last 9 ish months. I have such an amazing family, and i had missed them. BUT i feel good about moving back to SLC, and it'll be nice to stop commuting everyday to work.
I have been sick since last saturday..i have felt miserable!! i went to my work clinic on Monday and they said i had "laringitis" and sent me home with musinex, and sudafed. But by Thursday i was even more miserable and so sick, i couldn't breath, or talk very well, my voice was shot!! I had an awful cough,a nd my back started aching from all the hard coughing. I went to work everyday and was miserable. Finally on thursday they sent me home from work early and i went to a now care, wher ei was diagnosed with Bronchitis, and given some antibiotics, and now i feel much better. I still have an awful cough, but its getting better.
So since i was sick all week, i hadn't really packed, But some how i managed to do a little at a time. And now in abotu hour we will pack it all up and go!! Thanks to my family, and Kate and other friends who are helping!!
Yay! I'll let ya know how it goes.


Sierra said...

Sad... I didn't know you were sick! Let me know what else I can do to help you :-)

JMe said...

You forgot to mention how I didn't help, but I stopped at your apartment to say HI and approve of your bedspread. I'm sorry you're sick. ARe you feeling any better??