Sunday, March 22, 2009

2 weeks notice!

Well it's offical, I got a job at ARUP again in the Stat Lab at the University Of Utah Hosp. I worked there before my mission for almost 3 years, when i left it was way hard I loved my job and the people i worked with. It alll happened so fast but basically on Friday God told me I could move back to SLC, I prayed and felt good about it, so i looked at the ARUP website and saw a shift that would work with school, so I called a friend who worked there, and on monday I got 2 calls from supervisors and they basically hired me back before i even put an application in. So i put in my 2 weeks notice in at my current job and my last day will be April 2nd. and I start my job in SLC April 6th. I'll have to commute for awhile school doesn't end unitll April 30th, and after that I'll move back to SLC sometime. I already have 2 amazing Roomates and we are all way excited to find an Apt. It's funny how things just work out. I've learned patience these past 8 months, and i'm glad i stayed homw ith the family, but i am also way excited to move to SLC and go to school and just have a fresh start! Yay!


Sierra said...

Sad day for me... but happy day for you! I'm gonna miss you Hay

Eric and Ash said...

YAY!!! Haley congrats!!! I am so excited for you. :)