Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy and Sad news!

It has been a while since i'm "blogged" it's been crazy! I have been working in SLC now at the U of U hosp for 3 weeks. My "training" is done and i go into shift tomorrow! I only trained for 15 days which is a new record! It went by so fast, there are alot of new people at work and i am starting to feel more comfortable around them, BUT there are alot of my old friends there too, adn i lvoe seeing them again! It's been a blast. I've been commuting back and forth and its been a pain in my behind! I am gone from 7:50 am to 10:30 pm mon-fri. BUT i have finals this week then I am done with school...untill August!!
More good news I have an Apt in SLC.... We found it 2 weeks ago and we are moving in May 9th.. so 2 weeks!! It is on 6th south and 12th east, its two blocks form teh U of U, the aprtments are nice, and the area is safe! It'll be so nice to live in SLC, but I will miss my family I have loved living with them as crazy as its been these last 9 months! Micheel,Andrea and I are way excited, we haev almost all the things we need, couches, microwave, New flat screen T.V, dishes, silverware, beds!! It's a working progress! Michelle, Andrea adn I have hung out a bunch lately and i just lvoe those two! We have alot in common and we are gonna have so much fun in SLC, and it turns out that we will be inteh same ward as some of my good pals from work..yay!
Ok now for my sad news.. I'm syill emotional, i don't know what my deal is....I just cry alot!! Today i was in Sacrament meeting when ilooked down at my phone to check the time, i saw that i and two texts, so i read them and a former companion informed me that TWO people from my mission dies this past week.I just started bawling, and i cried so hard that i had to leave. Of course evryone started at me. but it was such a shock. Both members from the Paris Branch ( my frist area i served in for 6 1/2 months) i was really close to both of them. One of them was Sister Mcfarland, she was a lessa active that i worked with, When ileft she was active adn happy, and her haelth was better! she also helped us baptize a friend of her living with her. She was in her 80's and had bad health, luckily I got to see her when I left TN and my parents got to meet her. She was amazing and had such a strong testimony. I felt prompted to call her adn her daughter Donna about 2 weeks ago, and i left htem a message adn told them i loved them, She called back and left a message but I never called her back. I feel so bad that I never got to talk to her, but I can't dwell on that, I know she knows that i lvoe her!!
The second person was Brother Mike Farley. He was so Christlike and Service oriented! I could go on and on with examples of this! He helped us out so much, he drove us everywhere, we taught investigators in his home more than a dozen times, he came on dozens of exchanges and he was amzing with new converts, less actives and investigators. He and his wife fed us often and i just loved visiting with them, they were SOOO happy, such a cute couple! He held up our little branch, he was in charge of geneology and members of many differant faiths came to seek his help weeklly. He was alos a writer in the local newspaper adn was well kown by many people. He home-taught over 10 people and took such good care of them!! I got to say goodbye to him with my parents and I am so glad they got to meet him. He loved fixing cars and motorcycles and he died last week in motorcycle vs. Van accident while he was driving to the church on a wednesday night to help with geneology. I feel so bad for his family, and for the paris branch, he was such a light. He will be deeply missed. But i know that He and Sis Mcfarland are in a better place and God must need them to help with missionary work cause their both amazing member missionaries!
Four peple that I was really close to on my mission have died since i've been home
( 9 months) It's been super hard for me, but i am so lucky to have met such amazing people who taught me so much!


Sierra said...

Hay! I'm so sorry babe... I wish you would have called me. It's always hard to lose someone close to you. And it seems that bad stuff happens all at once, but just remember that everything happens for a reason. I love you!

Michael and Julie said...

Sorry my timing on the text wasn't the best Hay! :) I love them both so much and miss them too! What amazing examples they both were to us! I'll bet they are 'tearing it up' with the missionary work that's going on up there! Donna sounded pretty good when I talked to her so I know that things will be ok. The Farleys had just sent us a card for our wedding a couple of weeks ago. I love Sister Farley and know she is strong and will receive strength from the branch! Love you!

KATE said...

I am sorry to hear that Hay. THey were so lucky to know you just like you were lucky to know them. I love you.

Eric and Ash said...

I am sorry to hear the sad news! They are in a better, happier place :) I'm happy to hear you are back in SLC! that is so exciting.